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Woolcake produces 100% natural hand knitting wool from the from the fleece of happy sheep who live on the Mendip Hills. As well as retailing wool, we also design and produce contemporary garments and accessories.


Woolcake tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The nature of what we do means that nothing is ever wasted; we can find a use for everything. Our ethos for locally produced products and working with our community in the Mendips has recently developed woolcake significantly.


We are friends with local farmers who supply the fleece, which is then spun at The Natural Fibre Company to produce our very own Somerset woolcake wool. You will see images of the farmers, the Mendip landscape and of course our best friends, the sheep, on this site. All of our products are made to last and are great symbols of sustainability. All other embellishments on our garments and accessories are form found or recycled objects.

We hope you enjoy our website and products.

Our Friends

Our friends in the community can be found during a stroll round the Mendip Hills.



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